Wendy's Photo's

Some really good pictures from Wendy. A lot of good memories in these pictures. 


Some good photo's from Zach's Face Book.

These are some of the newer photos from Zach. There is a part 2 that has some of Zach's vintage photo's. A lot of memories in these pictures.  Leave some comments below.


Zach and Megan at the Grand Canyon

Compress_20231223_220651_140_20231225-021403_1 Grand Canyon

Zach and Megan  on vacation at the Grand Canyon. 2023


The Bently Hotel in Alexandria La.

Bently Hotel Alexandria Louisiana The Bently Hotel in Alexandria La. Click for Video

This was a very nice experiance for all of us staying at the Bently Hotel. This Hotel was built in 1908. This hotel has a lot of history as General Patten stayed here while preparing for the D Day invasion in Europe. The Hotel is located in downtown Alexandria right next to the Red River. The History of The Hotel Bently. The Hotel Bentley was const...

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