Kole myer almeida

This is our newest Almeida, Kole Myer Almeida 


Almeida boys

My 3 boys.. Kurt, Kyle,and little Kole!!!!!


Kurt Almeida. Class 2025

Kurt Almeida. Class 2025

Kurt and best friend Brendan. Class of 2024


Evie High School Graduation

20240606_180147 Evie Jewel Arthur

Evie Jewel Arthur Graduation . June 6,2024


Evie's High School Graduation 2024

Resize_20240607_091116_6230 Evie 2014 Graduation

This was Evie Jewel Arthur High School Graduation. June 6, 2024. There were many people in attendance. Both Kenneth and Wendy were in the front row. Fausteen and Kathy drove in from Raven Hill. Hrandmaw Linda came all the way from Louisiana. Corey and Brittney came in from Washburn. Jeanie came in from Atlanta. Zachary and Megan drive down from Joh...

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Evie's 17th Birthday


Evie said for her 17th birthday she wanted a good Cajun Low Country Boil with family and friends. A Low Country Boil with Sweet Corn, Cajun Sausage, Shrimp, Potatoes, Onion, Cyan Pepper, Cajun Seasoning and Aaron added the final touch with Crawfish and Crab Legs. What an amazing night because right after we got a once in a lifetime Northern Li...

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Going way back in time.


These are some older photos that Corey had hanging on his wall at the Raven Hill House.  A lot of years have gone since these were taken. The people are Corey, Zach, Wendy, Jeff, Mick, Harold, Dusty, and Effie Arthur (Granny). Leave some comments  below.


January 15, 2024


First good snow of the year. 


Wendy's Photo's

Some really good pictures from Wendy. A lot of good memories in these pictures. 


Zachary Arthur's "Vintage Photo's"

These are some of Zach's vintage photo's. It's amazing how fast time flies. Leave a comment  below.


Some good photo's from Zach's Face Book.

These are some of the newer photos from Zach. There is a part 2 that has some of Zach's vintage photo's. A lot of memories in these pictures.  Leave some comments below.


Our friends "The Whitneys"

Our friends "The Whitneys"

Todd and Cynthia Whitney with the kids. Aaron 21, Sarah 20, Charlotte 18, Ethan 15, Heidi 13, and Lily 9.


Christmas at the Farmhouse 2023


Our first Christmas at the Farm House. I was so happy that everyone came and had a good time. Wendy, Evie, Corey and Brittni cooked a wonderful dinner. The ham from. Louisiana is a tradition the my dad started years ago and now Linda keeps that tradition going and we want to thank her for the best ham ever. This is also a celebration for ...

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Zach and Megan at the Grand Canyon

Compress_20231223_220651_140_20231225-021403_1 Grand Canyon

Zach and Megan  on vacation at the Grand Canyon. 2023


Evie's Peppermint Woopee Pies

Evie's Peppermint Woopee Pies

Today for dinner Evie makes Peppermint Woopee Pies. She got the recipe from Pinterest but she customized it her way.


Another food video

Why do people post pictures and videos of their food? I've never understood this. But oh well, here's our food video.


Night Shift at Total

A video Corey made at Total Transportation in Ja kson Mississippi. 


Starting out at Total Transportation

Starting out at Total Transportation Starting out at Total Transportation

We are finally hired on at Total Transportation of Mississippi. John Stomps was the owner of the company and everybody liked him because he was a driver also. The guys from Tennessee Truck Driving School all graduated together this day. Ther was Mikey Maiden, Jessee, Corey, Kenneth and a few others from east Tennessee. 


Christmas Party

Christmas Party

This was probably the best Christmas Party we ever went to. There was a "Dirty Santa" gift activity, tons of great food and nothing but smiles and happiness from wall to wall. Everybody had a great time. 


Family Reunion Sept 4th 2022

20220904_152815 Family Reunion Sept 4th 2022

The whole gang came for the Singleton 2022 family reunion. Everybody brought their best cooking and their was enough food to feed a Trump rally. 



Bible Verse of the Day


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